Avid Reader is very lucky to have numerous published authors working with us. From time to time, we’ll be publishing their thoughts on the writing life, whether this means the terror of the first draft, the elation of publication or just rants about choosing the right font. First up is the amazing Krissy Kneen, who is knee-deep in book promotion for her novel The Adventures of Holly White and the Incredible Sex Machine, and is about to start it all again for her award-winning book of poetry Eating My Grandmother: A Grief Cycle. Over to you, Krissy….


Krissy, launching 'Holly White' at Avid with John Birmingham.

Krissy, launching ‘Holly White’ at Avid with John Birmingham.


I am on book tour. I’m sitting in a deep spa bath looking out through a picture window at a forested creek. They say there are platypus in the creek. I haven’t seen any yet. I know I am making this sound like being on book tour is like a holiday in a spa resort. I am trying to forget the panic attack the night before a major radio interview that made me feel like I was having a heart attack, the hours of stressing about my sessions at the Sydney Writers Festival and the horror of realising I was coming down with the flu in the middle of a session I was chairing. But here, in this spa bath in Maleny with a potential view of platypus, it all looks pretty sweet.

It has been a really long couple of months. It all started way back on the 9th of April with my very first Radio interview with Richard Fidler just before the release of my latest book The Adventures of Holly White and the Incredible Sex Machine. Since then I have participated in many more interviews, launched the book in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, been in-conversation with Christos Tsiolkas, John Birmingham, Ashley Hay, Benjamin Law, Jane Caro and Steven Laing. I have seen my long-suffering boyfriend between gigs (and not nearly enough) and I have completely neglected my workmates and the events program at Avid Reader.

Still, here, just before one of the last of the events before a couple of weeks break, I look out the window through the bubble-bath and steam from the hot water and it really looks quite sweet indeed. It is a little bittersweet to be finishing this crazy period of the book tour.

But not to worry, in just another week on 24th June my first poetry collection Eating My Grandmother will be published and I will start all over again.

— Krissy Kneen