If the dropping temperatures have got you a little inspired to stay in and experiment with some recipes from a part of the world where it actually gets cold, Simon Bajada’s The New Nordic: Recipes from a Scandinavian Kitchen is a cookbook full of unique and surprising recipes from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. The photos of Nordic landscapes scattered throughout are also predictably stunning, and to presentation of the food itself earthily delicate and inspiring.


There’s nothing heavy or stodgy about the way Bajada cooks, and the recipes here are all about balance: rich stews are served with light pickles, salted fish with sweet preserves, smoky chicken with tangy mustard yoghurt and fresh peas – combinations we may not see a lot of in home cooking, but that seem so intuitive on the page.


Whether you’re looking to push your skills with and make your own authentic Danish rye bread; spread with homemade pate, fennel jam and hazelnuts;  something quick but unusual like smoked eel, leek and scrambled eggs; or spinach soup with fish roe and boiled egg, this is a book to dive into and get creative with.

If all this talk of Nordic cuisine is getting you hungry, why not drop by The Official Website of Denmark for some more traditional tasty treats?