1. Go Set A Watchman, Harper Lee
  2. The Little Book of Calm Colouring, David Kay
  3. The Mindfulness Colouring Book, Emma Farrarons
  4. My Brilliant Friend, Elena Ferrante
  5. Bull Mountain, Brian Panowich
  6. The Fishermen, Chigozie Obioma
  7. The Other Side of the World, Stephanie Bishop
  8. Eating My Grandmother, Krissy Kneen
  9. Elvis and Me, Gillian Wills
  10. Warrior, Libby Connors


Harper Lee continues her stranglehold on our top ten, with our old friends Adult Colouring Books still putting in a good show (FYI if you’re a fan of colouring in, you may want to join us for a very special Colouring Afternoon this Saturday for National Bookshop Day!).

It’s nice to see a new name on the list this week, with Brian Panowich’s superb mystery novel Bull Mountain making its first appearance. A few of the books from our upcoming events get a guernsey as well, with Chigozie Obioma’s The Fishermen (read Fiona’s interview with Chigozie here, and then come and hear him in person tomorrow night!) and Gillian Wills’ Elvis and Me (who will be in the shop tonight!).


Great to see Krissy’s poetry collection Eating My Grandmother make the list this week ahead of her upcoming appearances at the Queensland Poetry Festival (stay tuned to the blog for a great piece about one of her upcoming readings later in the week!). The top ten is filled out by probably our most successful fiction and nonfiction titles of the last few months, Stephanie Bishop’s The Other Side of the World and Warrior by Libby Connors.

Until next week, keep on reading!

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