1. Under Cover, Craig Munro AND Skin Deep, Gary Kemble
  2. Return, Ghada Karmi
  3. Purity, Jonathan Franzen
  4. Unlocking Your Child’s Genius, Andrew Fowler
  5. Mullumbimby, Melissa Lucashenko
  6. Eating My Grandmother, Krissy Kneen
  7. The Girl in the Spider’s Web, David Lagercrantz
  8. The Brisbane Open House Guidebook 2015
  9. The Enchanted Forest, Johanna Basford
  10. Make Me, Lee Child
A long signing queue for Gary Kemble! (image courtesty Echo Publishing)

A long signing queue for Gary Kemble! (image courtesy Echo Publishing)

How fitting that on the night we launched two books, Gary Kemble’s Skin Deep and Craig Munro’s Under Cover, we would come away with joint #1 bestsellers! Both books are terrific, and we’re so glad to see the sales match the number of people who came to both events!

Andrew Fuller was in the shop last Thursday night to launch his book Unlocking Your Child’s Genius and we all left with plenty of ideas! The next night saw the launch og Ghada Karmi’s stunning memoir Return: A Palestinian Memoir, and its spot on the list reflects the pleasure it was to be able to hear Ghada’s story.


It’s wonderful to see titles from our Avid community, with Krissy’s Eating My Grandmother and Melissa Lucashenko’s Mullumbimby making the list. They’re matching some of the year’s biggest releases: Purity, The Girl in the Spider’s Web and Make Me. And last but not least is The Brisbane Open House Handbook, which has been selling off the counter like hotcakes!


Until next week… keep on reading!