MADDY’S COOKBOOK CORNER: Honey & Co. by Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich

Whenever I decide to bake something, I always imagine I’ll breeze through it smiling with an adorable light dusting of flour on my cheeks and a beautiful golden treat to share with my friends at the end. What usually actually happens is… a lot of swearing. And burning. And rubbery cookies, dry muffins and collapsed cakes.

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Until Honey & Co.’s Baking Book came along I’d pretty much given up on ever delighting the world with my baking – but thanks to the straightforward and cheat-friendly recipes and super baking secrets of Sarit Packer & Itamar Srulovich (a very cute married couple who seem to be living the absolute dream) from London restaurant Honey and Co., I’m making stuff that’s absolutely… edible! And for me that’s a miracle.


Though the recipes are straightforward and no-nonsense, these treats are far from basic. Packer and Srulovich put a Middle Eastern spin on bakery favourites – like White Chocolate and Tahini scrolls, spiced cauliflower muffins and peach, vanilla and fennel seed mini loaves – and give us a taste of authentic Israeli, Lebanese and Yemeni pastry and light meals like Lamb lahm with pine nuts & cherry tomatoes, meat and spinach coiled phylas and beautiful savoury breads. They all seem perfect for both entertaining and scoffing over the kitchen sink all by yourself in 2 minutes flat.

Everyone loves a morning tea, but scones and sponges get old pretty quick – Packer and Srulovich have taken one of the most British traditions and made it exciting again through a mix of Middle-Eastern Flavours, French technique, and a decidedly English love of the small cake and biscuit. Run and put the kettle on.

Madeleine Laing is a bookseller at Avid Reader, but also runs her own really excellent cooking blog, FOOB!