1. Undermajordomo Minor, Patrick deWitt
  2. The Diver’s Clothes Lie Empty, Vendela Vida
  3. My Brilliant Friend, Elena Ferrante
  4. The Promise Seed, Cass Moriarty
  5. Aboriginal Campsites of Greater Brisbane, Kerkhove Ray
  6. The Heat, Disher Gary
  7. The High Mountains of Portugal, Yann Martel
  8. Ghost River, Tony Birch
  9. I Love Dick, Chris Kraus
  10. The Story of a New Name, Elena Ferrante


What’s this? Only two titles by Elena Ferrante in our bestseller list?!? You can thank our first Avid Bookclubs for the year for that. Titles for all four bookclubs made the list last week. If you’ve always wanted to join a bookclub but haven’t quite gotten around to it, why not come along to our March meetings! Full details here.


The other new appearances are Ray Kerkhove’s fascinating local history book Aboriginal Campsites of Greater Brisbane and our Fiction Book of the Month The High Mountains of Portugal by Yann Martel.


Full disclosure: we removed the sales of magazines from our top ten, but suffice to say new editions of New PhilosopherThe Monthly, Australian Womankind and Dumbo Feather sold a lot of copies in the last week!

Until next week… keep on reading!