1. The Australian Native Bee Book, Tim Heard
  2. Everywhere I Look, Helen Garner
  3. Where the Trees Were, Inga Simpson
  4. Not Just Black and White, Lesley & Tammy Williams
  5. Talking to My Country, Stan Grant
  6. Balancing Act: Quarterly Essay 61, George Megalogenis
  7. Road to Ruin, Niki Savva
  8. Aboriginal Campsites of Greater Brisbane, Ray Kerkhove
  9. Blood Curse, Maurizio De Giovanni
  10. The Life of Elves, Muriel Barbery


Those bees are at it again! We were very pleased to sell copies of The Australian Native Bee Book at Tim Heard’s sold out talk at the Griffith University Eco Centre last week, and (it should be no surprise to hear) that we sold plenty!



Helen Garner has been everywhere in the past week, so it makes sense she’d appear in our top ten. Everywhere I Look is our Nonfiction Book of the Month, meaning you’ll get 10% off for all of April!


Our events program is still going strong, represented by  Not Just Black and White by Lesley and Tammy Williams, who joined us last Sunday for our Big Breakfast Bookclub, and Where the Trees Are, the wonderful new novel by Inga Simpson, who launched it in style last Thursday night.


Perennial favourites George Megalogenis, Ray Kerkhove and Muriel Barbery get a guernsey this week, along with our Crime Bookclub book of the month Blood Curse and the book that everyone’s talking about, Niki Savva’s The Road to Ruin. Don’t forget you can hear Niki Savva discussing the book at Avid Reader on June 10!


Until next week… keep on reading!