Fiona reviews the sizzling new crime novel The Dry by Jane Harper who will be appearing on Wed 15th June!

The Dry by Jane Harper

Blowflies are the first to discover the three bodies at the property. “The body in the clearing was the freshest. It took the flies slightly longer to discover the two in the farmhouse despite the front door swinging open like an invitation.” We can feel the heat coming from the soil of this drought-stricken farm, washing on the line is “bone dry and stiff from the sun.” There is no sound of birds or animals except for the blowflies.

“So nothing reacted when deep inside the house, the baby started crying.”

When the bodies of local farmer Luke Hadley and his wife and son are discovered it appears to be a tragic murder suicide.

The years of drought have stripped the land and the hearts of the farming community Kierwarra. Luke is one of the many farmers who have been leveling their rifles and shooting skinny livestock. Despite this Luke’s parents, who are caring for the baby who survived, refuse to believe the obvious.

Aaron Falk who grew up in Kierwarra and is now a federal police investigator in the finance division returns for the funeral. He and Luke were friends when they were young. They also shared a secret.

As Aaron becomes a reluctant investigator he is drawn into the town’s secrets and dramas.

Jane Harper won the 2015 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Unpublished Manuscript. The Dry was then acquired by the publisher Pan Macmillan after a hard fought auction involving all the major Australian publishers.  Rights quickly sold to over sixteen countries and Reese Witherspoon bought the film rights.

Jane Harper joins us in-store on Wednesday 15 June at 6.30pm and I am really looking forward to talking to her about her novel. For details and bookings click this link

the dry jane harper