Fiona reviews One by Patrick Holland ahead of her conversation with him on Sunday 3rd July.

Patrick Holland will be joining us on Sunday 3rd July for our next Big Breakfast Bookclub to talk about his wonderful new novel “One”.

Here Fiona gives you a taste of Patrick’s new book:

The last bushrangers in Australian history, James (Jim) and Patrick Kenniff were at the height of their notoriety at the turn of the 20th Century. This is a fictionalised account of the last police hunt for them. This wonderful novel is set on the dry desolate landscape of the plains and ranges around Carnarvon.  Across ‘plains of desolation’, burning ridges and deep escarpments, the Kenniff brothers are being pursued by Nixon a lone police officer, the young Skillington lad and King Edward, an Aboriginal tracker.

The Kenniff brothers know this country intimately and are well protected by locals. It’s said of Jim

About him bein able to walk over sand and his tracks disappear behind him, how he can go invisible, how he can shoot the eye out of a high-flying crow. They lie in the detail, but they’re true because they tell  you how it feels to ride beside him. How it felt when his mind and his soul were good, and we all of us know what we were fighting against. We thought we were the heralds of a new age.”

One is rich in dialogue and draws deeply on religious motifs including Irish mysticism; it is an homage to the historical Western and a hymn to Cormac McCarthy.

I am really looking forward to discussing how history, religion, music and film have influenced Patrick’s writing. Please join us for what I am sure will be a fascinating conversation with Patrick Holland.  Individuals and other bookclubs are welcome to join us at the Sunday Big Breakfast Bookclub.

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